Rahel Arnold


Rahel Arnold

Videoclip - Maxi LP-Cover - flyers and posters

Graphic Design

Jury report

'L.A. Women' is both the title of a single and the title of the whole promotion campaign for Seelenluft's new CD 'Out of the woods'. As such it includes a music video clip, a Maxi LP cover as well as flyers and posters. It was submitted at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich as part of a Visual Communication diploma. The man behind Seelenluft is Beat Solèr, a Zurich producer who wrote the tracks for his most recent work in Los Angeles. Rahel Arnold's pictorial language plays with familiar American street impression set-pieces: she combines highways, pick-ups, overhead power cables and a sea of signs with an 'obligatory' sunset. This very painterly approach, combined with a type-face reminiscent of the 70s, evokes an atmosphere of longing even on the cover, thus forming a convincing unit with the musical content.


Rahel Arnold
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Grafikerin / Visuelle Gestalterin