Nicolas Party


Nicolas Party

A computer game (for Macintosh macOS9)

Product and Industrial Design

Jury report

The multi-media designer Nicolas Party's 'Turimgot' is a computer game based on the Mac Finder and using the operating system's own ordering structure and computer language. A first dialogue window provides an introduction, explanation and a 'sac à information'. Players are required to rescue the world of Turimgot, which has been plunged into disaster and turmoil, with the aid of information and solved problems collected in seven different countries. Nicolas Party builds up the game landscapes that are to be traversed without large-scale visual effects, but with modest, affectionate and very reduced graphics. It is a game whose complex structure is probably attractive above all to an inveterate games community. In comparison with traditional computer games, 'Turimgot' prescribes an unusually slow tempo for the game, which fits in extremely well with the poetic textual and pictorial language.


Nicolas Party
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