Leo Fabrizio


Leo Fabrizio

Series of colour photographies - three photographies 64 x 80 cm


Jury report

Leo Fabrizio's wide-ranging photographic work is the result of three years' extensive research on the theme of Swiss fortifications and bunkers. The collection of objects illustrated reveals the central element of concealment: formal and characteristic integration into the surrounding countryside for the sake of camouflage. Leo Fabrizio's unassertive, to an extent neutral eye does respect the character of these (inserted) structures, some quite absurd, but he also uses them to provoke viewers into an amusing, entertaining 'search for errors'. The jury enjoyed the game of double camouflage and commends this artistic examination of a quintessentially Swiss theme. At the same time they are fascinated by the revealing abundance of this work, which reveals things that have been carefully concealed, and thus contributes in a certain way to Switzerland's 'visual memory'.


Leo Fabrizio
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designer HES, communication visuelle, spécialisation photographie


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