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Julia Born

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As well as catalogues and invitation cards for cultural institutions as well her diploma work, Julia Born has submitted a calendar and also posters and tickets for a play called 'HOI', thus presenting the full breadth of her creative spectrum. For the individual months in the calendar, for example, she takes over the format, paper and layout from twelve existing classical calendars. Because all the pages are different sizes, and all the figures and information for the days of the week are individually designed, her complete guide to the year presents a different image every month. She manipulates quite different effects in her visual presentation for the theatre group: large black patches, with the typographical elements growing out of their edges like a whole universe of small, refined shapes ands structures, dominate the white backgrounds. All the work shows a high degree of simplicity and coherence in the realization of the pictorial idea, and is evidence of the precise use of creative resources and for an awareness of the expressive qualities of the medium.


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