Joël Tettamanti


Joël Tettamanti

Three series of colour photographies


Jury report

Joël Tettamanti's free photographic work addresses various spatial situations on different planes of reality: caves in Rouen (F) used as lumber-rooms, an accumulation of plastic dinosaurs under an autobahn bridge in Singapore or a tented camp in the Basque border region. The various pieces of equipment that have been dumped in the caves seem to fade away as objects within this space, and are absorbed by the cave wall. In a similar way in the other works, the unreal-looking dinosaurs and other decorative foreground elements blend in with the urban landscape, or the tent nets become part of the background structure. But all the images - and this is the photographer's great achievement - share the fact that object character and scale lose their meaning and the staged scenes start to make an enigmatic effect.


Joël Tettamanti
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