Guido Styger


Guido Styger

'ZAUNHECKE' (fence hedge) with tools

Product and Industrial Design

Jury report

Guido Styger surprised us with his diploma submission, which he completed at ECAL in Lausanne in the industrial design department. It is in fact a compostable fence that gradually changes into a hedge. The somewhat overdrawn prototype can be put together simply and in whatever size required from individual basic elements - posts and clip connectors. It consists of Bioplat, a 100% biodegradable material. An ingenious planting system - the seed for the actual hedge and the hops that are used as a growth aid are already built into the posts - means that a hedge grows within three years. The fence, which is now superfluous as a support, decomposes completely in this period. The jury awards a prize to this object, which is also interesting in ecological terms, and praises the courage to realize an ephemeral object as a designer that makes way for nature after a certain time.


Guido Styger
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Designer FH in Industrie- und Produktdesign