Gino Marco Esposto


Gino Marco Esposto

Software design - packaging design

Graphic Design

Jury report

The 'Microbuilder' submitted is a prototype kit containing simply installed software, a book of documentation, a music CD and some gadgets. The 'Microbuilder' was created to meet the need to open up and extend the Micromusic Online Platform together with the constantly growing community. As a so-called 'Community Construction Kit' it offers software to interested programmers that makes it possible to install an identical system, develop it individually and use it for their own projects. It is important to the project members that they should create even closer links with the fields of music, design and Internet art and use these productively. The presentation form plays skilfully with familiar software packaging elements. The jury is impressed with this project: the content and presentation form are convincing in their compelling nature, lucidity, comprehensibility and the great care taken in realizing them.


Gino Marco Esposto
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