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Franziska Born

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Alongside various cloth items like tea-towels from the Heimli Feiss textile design label collection, Franziska Born submitted costume works and a series of hand-painted sweaters created in co-operation with the Ping Pong label. The interventions and changes that she has made are a striking feature: she paints animal subjects, classical decorative and textile patterns or familiar logos on the monochrome pullovers. The imitations, which are quite crude in places, weaken the actually unifying effect of these readily recognizable subjects, so each sweater becomes a 'subversive' original. On another level, but equally convincingly, and with a twinkle in her eye, she intervenes in the costumes for the play 'GOPF'. By taking the clothes to pieces and putting them together again, moving parts from the inside to the outside, she overdraws certain features of the garments so that they support the events and characters of this play very precisely, and may indeed even define them.


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