Ulrich Franke, Jürg Lehni


Ulrich Francke / Jürg Lehni

'HEKTOR', Graffiti Plotter

Product and Industrial Design

Jury report

'Hektor' is a device controlled by Adobe Illustrator (Ô) that sprays vector graphics on to a selected wall from an aerosol can. Multi-coloured images can be created by swapping cans. In this way the two designers are broadening the range of standardized applications, tools and technologies that can be used in graphic design. But 'Hector' is not just an odd-looking output device with what seems to be a remote-controlled aerosol can, it is also a performative tool: every output becomes an impressive happening. Despite its very complex mechanism, 'Hector' fits into a case and can be installed relatively simply. The interesting feature of this spraying machine is its charmingly contradictory quality, creating a tension between a customarily anonymous act and one with a demonstrably public quality. It is also fascinating to see how easily the originally subversive act of spraying can be unmasked - by being delegated to a machine. We are also acknowledging the two creators' initiative in constructing a new device to realize their ideas of a personal aesthetic.


Ulrich Francke
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Jürg Lehni
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Designer HES, Visuelle Kommunikation, Studienbereich Neue Medien

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