Nicole Bachmann, Claudia Innocenti


Nicole Bachmann / Claudia Innocenti

Six outfits and six photographies

Fashion Design

Jury report

Fashion and photography become one in this joint work: the fashion collection is illustrated in the photographs and the photography is quoted in its turn in the fashion, on a number of levels. The seven outfits, all with female first names, are made of a very wide variety of materials, including cotton, linen, cord or netting. A close look at the photographs illustrating the clothes becomes a voyage of discovery: elements of the fashion shows suddenly turn up as prints on the fabrics that have been used. The eye seems to run through a cycle from the foreground to the background, from the dress to the accessories, from the fabrics to the show as a whole. The complex structure of these pictorial levels has strong parallels in the make-up of the individual outfits: the clothes are cut to pieces, dissected, deconstructed and reassembled. The jury is impressed with the concept of the multi-referential interplay of fashion and photography, and with the formal language, which is valid in both fields, and with the balance that is so carefully maintained.


Nicole Bachmann
Born in
Diplom im Bereich Fotografie


Claudia Innocenti
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