Abrar Anoush


Anoush Abrar

Six colour photographies


Jury report

This series of colour photographs takes our eyes straight to an operating table in an animal hospital. Abrar Anoush cool and objective camera points at large animals under anaesthetic. Individual snapshots show close-ups of heads or other parts, some smeared with blood, of these creatures, who are completely at the mercy of the operation process. A distancing clarity lends the images a documentary character, leaving no room for emotions and defining an aesthetic that is brutal to an extent. The jury sees this photographic presentation of a seldom-to-never-seen reality as a personal, unwavering exploration of an 'area with uneasy access'. In this free photographic work, Abrar Anoush is embarking on a balancing act between expressing violence and care, between proximity and distance, between aesthetics and brutality. Even though he leaves very little room for voyeurism, viewers constantly swing between repulsion and fascination.


Anoush Abrar
Born in
diplôme HES en communication visuelle, spécialisation photographie