A self-published work by the designers containing a series of portrait photos by Bruno Stettler (b. 1962) from the years 1980 to 1986 shows how a lively photo book can be created with minimal resources. Presented on 40 double-sided mini-posters made of thick high-gloss paper loosely inserted one inside another are one or two full-bleed portraits per side of Stettler’s partner at the time Corinne Huber (1963–2016), a key figure in Zurich’s party scene. In most cases there is much flesh on display, but the images alternate stylistically between artificial fashion photos, documentary images from the music scene, private snapshots and close-ups of Huber’s unmade-up face. The outermost poster serves as a cover, while a half-card containing a small amount of textual information has been inserted in the middle. The poster format recalls Huber’s appearance in the men’s magazine Penthouse, while the interleaving of the posters gives rise to many surprising, randomly selectable combinations. A strong presence throughout, Huber retains control of her multifaceted image, which is anything but a male fantasy. The particular colour palette and the graininess of the photos from the time, along with dust on some of the pictures, underscore the rough-hewn nature of this archive publication.

Chris Eggli, Zürich

Bruno Stettler, Zürich
Chris Eggli in collaboration with Vieceli & Cremers, Zürich 
Offsetdruckerei Karl Grammlich GmbH, Pliezhausen (DE)
everyedition, Zürich