The Most Beautiful Swiss Books of the year 2020

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books of the year 2020 (awarded in 2021)

Jan Tschichold Award

About the awarded year

'Best Book Design from all over the World' competition in Leipzig

The Buchkunst Foundation organised the annual "Most Beautiful Books in the World" competition. An international jury examined almost 500 books from 30 countries that had already won awards in national competitions. Switzerland was one of the ten winning countries and received three awards this year.
The books "Corinne" (graphic design: Chris Eggli in collaboration with Vieceli & Cremers, Zürich) and "Data Centers. Edges of a Wired Nation" (graphic design: Hubertus Design, Zürich) each received a bronze medal, and the book "Revelo N°1, Revelo N°1, Chroniques de chantier. Transformation de la Gare, CH–1800 Vevey" (graphic design: Eurostandard, Lausanne / Paris (FR)) received an honorary diploma. The book “Richard Tuttle TheStars” (graphic design: Studio Mathias Clottu, Lausanne / London (UK)) was also shortlisted.