I Fuck With Turrell. Ne travaillez jamais.

I Fuck With Turrell

Ne travaillez jamais 

This small, well thought-out softcover about an unusual art school project explores collaborative play-spaces in the area between art and research. In 2011, an eight-year chair of art was set up at the vocational school in Baden (BBB), which offers subjects including mechanics, gastronomy and IT. The chair was financed with the budget traditionally earmarked for art to decorate public buildings in Switzerland. This publication looks back at the years 2011–15 during which Nadja Baldini occupied the chair and invited various artists for short-term residences. The long first section combines one- and two-page illustrations of key moments in art history and pop culture with two levels of quotations from students about the role of their profession and of art. In the absence of further information, this gives rise to a narrative that is rich in associations yet also enigmatic. The second section, which is separated from the first by a folded-in cover flap, contains all the information about the school project as well as the content and sources of the images in the first section. Although the designers work very much on the editorial level, the layouts and typography are so meticulously executed that they would still have worked had the pages been twice as large. The pleasant material qualities help to make the book an accessible object for its readers

Nadja Baldini, Ivan Sterzinger, Martin Andereggen, Zürich
Huber/Sterzinger, Zürich, Martin Andereggen, Zürich
DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH, Altenburg (DE)
Kodoji Press, Baden