Sammlung. Christoph Kappeler


Christoph Kappeler 

This unusual documentation of a private art collection focuses not on the individual works but rather on the activities of collecting and arranging. The grey cover with flaps and individual grey pages inside feature full-bleed, black-and-white photos of the walls and rooms of the collector’s house adorned with works of art. Further individual grey pages contain short texts. The bulk of the content consists of white double pages that transpose the spatiality of the collection into the book format by presenting images as if hung on walls: on each double page, between 5 and 50 works in four colours and various sizes are freely arranged. Most of the pages are filled to the edge, with numerous images drastically cropped and many running across the gutter. They are grouped together into topics somewhat distant from conventional scholarship. The topic names appear in the running headers and combine with the double pages of images to create an inspiring narrative. Freed from institutional constraints, the catalogue does not appraise the pictures according to their museum or commercial value; rather, the fitting contemporary design presents the undogmatic art lover’s approach in a favourable light.

Christoph Kappeler, Zürich
Bonbon –Valeria Bonin, Diego Bontognali, Zürich
DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH, Altenburg (DE)
Edition Patrick Frey, Zürich