Peter Halley. Paintings of the 1980s: The Catalogue Raisonné

Peter Halley

Paintings of the 1980s: The Catalogue Raisonné 

This highly accessible catalogue raisonné of the American Neo-Geo painter Peter Halley also reflects the conceptual approaches and historical contexts of his works. The 186 paintings from the years 1980–89, many in punchy acrylic colours, are presented in chronological order, mostly alone or two on a page. The book’s almost square format, the rigorously structured layout with large areas of white space and a newly digitised version of Helvetica based on original drawings are reminiscent of Swiss design and books on Concrete art. This evokes a historical framework that Halley worked with, complementing established abstract and concrete processes by incorporating new structural elements such as cells and brick walls. The resulting tension between abstraction and representation was mirrored in the works’ titles and is emphasised in the catalogue by the use of an unusually large font size for them. The additional information is printed below them very small but in very fine typography. The lithographic presentation of the Hexachrome photographs from the 1980s is exceptional, as is the printing.

Cara Jordan, New York, USA; Paul Pieroni, Glasgow (UK)
Nicolas Eigenheer, Zürich; Nicolas Leuba, Zürich
Musumeci S.p.A, Quart (IT)
JRP|Ringier, Zürich