Moments of Now

A small but com­par­a­tively thick and heavy vol­ume of pho­tographs pre­sents quo­tid­ian and very repet­i­tive snap­shots de­pict­ing scooter rid­ers on Suma­tra going about their busi­ness. The de­sign adopts an ef­fi­cient ap­proach to the can­did genre: all the pho­tos are po­si­tioned in the lower half of the page in full bleed, em­pha­sis­ing the lin­ear­ity with which the cap­tured mo­ments suc­ceed each other like the pages of a book when flick­ing through it. The lin­ear­ity also evokes the road; and just as the scoot­ers’ di­rec­tion of travel some­times switches back and forth, so the book al­lows for two di­rec­tions of mo­tion. Dou­ble-page pho­tographs are printed on the soft­cover and end­pa­per. The em­bossed text is in­te­grated into the cover pic­ture, while the font evokes a street cul­ture linked to the scooter. The large ISBN num­ber on the spine em­pha­sises that a book it­self is as­signed a mo­ment in the lin­ear tem­po­ral­ity of the global book trade. In­deed the book’s con­tent it­self con­sti­tutes a snap­shot, doc­u­ment­ing every­day go­ings-on on Suma­tra from the per­spec­tive of im­par­tial ob­servers.

Dominique Frey, Billy Bühler, Zürich

Billy Bühler, Dominique Frey, Teo Schifferli, Zürich
Teo Schifferli, Zürich
Kösel Media GmbH, Altusried
Edition Patrick Frey, Zürich
150 × 200 mm