Michel Parmentier. Décembre 1965 – 20 novembre 1999. Une rétrospective

Michel Parmentier.

Décembre 1965 – 20 novembre 1999

Une rétrospective

A mono­graph on the French painter Michel Par­men­tier (1938-2000) adeptly com­bines the gen­res of cat­a­logue and archive book. The ab­stract paint­ings, with their often muted colours, are arranged chrono­log­i­cally and pre­sented in gen­er­ously pro­por­tioned for­mats with plenty of white space. They are sep­a­rated by dou­ble pages mostly oc­cu­pied by black-and-white back­ground ma­te­ri­als such as pho­tographs of the artist, ex­hi­bi­tion posters, in­vi­ta­tion cards, re­views, notes and on­line sources (the lat­ter re-set on black sur­faces). This re­turns the paint­ings to the con­text of their cre­ation: a pe­riod - es­pe­cially dur­ing the 1960s and 1970s - dom­i­nated by col­lec­tive forms of work­ing and per­for­ma­tive ex­hi­bi­tion for­mats. The un­con­ven­tional, al­most square for­mat and the nar­row, com­pact blocks of text with co­pi­ous amounts of white space pick up on for­mal as­pects of the work with­out im­pair­ing read­abil­ity. The ex­pres­sive font is care­fully de­ployed, thus en­sur­ing it does not com­pete with the work it­self. This is a raw and di­rect book with a strong pres­ence.

Éditions Loevenbruck, Paris (FR);
editorial direction: Hervé Loevenbruck;
editorial manager: Alexandra Schillinger
Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet–Ludovic Balland, Basel, with Emmanuel Crivelli, Biel/Bienne
Musumeci S.p.A., Quart (IT)
Les presses du réel, Dijon (FR)
271 × 270 × 22