Eva Hesse Diaries

Eva Hesse


A dozen vol­umes con­tain­ing hand­writ­ten diary notes by Eva Hesse from the age of 18 to her early death at 34 in 1970 are pre­sented in a 900-page book of text with a mauve lam­i­nated soft­cover. The ty­pog­ra­phy used for rep­re­sent­ing the man­u­scripts is es­pe­cially com­pelling. An ex­am­ple ex­plains that the man­u­script pages were di­vided into eight columns, pro­vid­ing the book's ty­po­graphic grid. The font size has been stan­dard­ised, while upper case, un­der­lin­ing and cross­ings-out are re­tained. Other de­tails in­form the vol­ume's highly dis­tinc­tive char­ac­ter: a yel­low end­pa­per, a por­trait of Hesse by way of lead-in, a bound book­mark and the use of two black pages vis­i­ble edge-on to sep­a­rate the vol­umes from each other. Thanks to its soft­cover and sewn and glued sec­tions, the book lies com­fort­ably in the hand de­spite its con­sid­er­able size and weight. The calm and metic­u­lous de­sign en­hances the read­ing ex­pe­ri­ence in every re­spect.

Eva Hesse, New York (USA)
Barry Rosen, New York (USA)
NORM, Zürich; Johannes Breyer, Berlin (DE)
DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH, Altenburg (DE)
Hauser & Wirth Publishers, Zürich; Yale University Press, New Haven (USA) and London (UK)
203 × 135 × 51