Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, Zürich, 26. 12. 1971

This fascinating illustrated book with photos by Eric Bachmann, who accompanied Muhammad Ali before his fight against Jürgen Blin in Zurich’s Hallenstadion, functions like a time capsule. The large number of pictures ─ often several from a single situation or scene ─ creates a film-like impression. The chronological arrangement produces the effect of a kind of ‘day in the life of Zurich’ in 1971. The quality of the reproductions is high and the design, with full-bleed images on one or two pages each, appears almost timeless. This impression is reinforced by the use of a hardback cover with a dust jacket. An informative closing section of the book provides short biographical notes in dictionary form on the people who appear in the pictures alongside Ali as well as a complete reproduction of every page of the fight programme. This is a warm, affectionate book.

Eric Bachmann, Zürich
Dominik Bachmann, Zürich
DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH, Altenburg
Edition Patrick Frey, Zürich