Jason Loebs. Title Stack Sink Release

Jason Loebs

Title Stack Sink Release

This exhibition catalogue of the New York artist, whose work deals with, among other subjects, the effects of light and heat phenomena, is striking for its strong metallic effect. As all of the black tones are printed in silver, monochrome illustrations of the works, exhibition views and the text appear entirely in silver, while four-colour illustrations take on a silvery shine. This is a simple design gesture that creates a very unique atmosphere and skilfully transfers some of the artist’s themes into book form. It is also reminiscent of early photographs that transformed back into silver if exposed to light for long periods. Loebs uses a similar transformation in a piece with old cash register receipts that have become partly illegible. Eight of these receipts are reproduced on narrower pages in an introductory section of the catalogue using a thermal printing process, such that the illustrations in turn will fade over time.

Jason Loebs, New York
Dan Solbach, Basel / Berlin
Cric-Print, Marly
Fri Art – Centre d’art contemporain, Fribourg