Jan-Tschichold Award

'Ofoffjoff - One To One'
'Ofoffjoff - One To One'
© Körner Union, Lausanne

Julia Born

Jan-Tschichold Award 2011

Every year the jury bestows, independently of the books submitted for the competition, the Jan Tschichold Award in memory of the typographer Jan Tschichold, on whose initiative the Swiss book design competition was conceived in 1944. The Federal Department of Home Affairs entrusted the jury 1997 with the task of annually awarding this honour to an individual, a group or an institution for outstanding book design achievement.

This year, the Jan Tschichold Award, which is endowed with 15,000 Swiss francs, was awarded to Julia Born, a Swiss graphic designer living and working in Amsterdam. Since years, Julia Born's books have been represented in the selection of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books with impressive regularity. Her publications almost invariably end up in the final selection, which is all the more surprising given that Julia Born breaks with conventional models and frequently explores new ground. Often, her books are the result of a close collaboration with the respective authors. Time and again, she manages to deliver persuasive and surprising results for complex subject matter, and does so with admirable effortlessness, precision and extraordinary production-related judgement.